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Stay Beautiful♥


don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense


september is such a beautiful month you can actually hear the tv shows starting to come back from hiatus


50 shades of fucked up


lightning is just the flash on god’s camera when he’s taking selfies


I’m not a misandrist, but a few quick questions:

If men can’t even make their own sandwiches, why are they allowed to make bills in congress?

If men can’t control their own sexual urges, why are they allowed to control nations?

If a woman’s legs/shoulders are enough to distract a man, how can we trust them to stay focused on things like open heart surgery or judging a murder trial?

Again not a misandrist, some of my best friends are guys and i’m even dating one.


ok but ask yourself this about your otp

  • which one hogs the blanket
  • which one cuts the other’s hair
  • which one makes coffee for the other every morning
  • which one picks up the pizza
  • which one likes their music on full volume
  • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed
  • which one is ticklish
  • which one sings and which one plays the music
  • which one proposes


are we just gonna ignore the fact that fiona exploded and murdered a bird for 3 measly fucking eggs?¿?!




I just want everyone to see how unrealistic some expectations are.

Dude I don’t even shower everyday

Actually showering everyday is bad for you as you lose natural oils and your skin and hair dry up and become weak.


Read it again:  EVERY.  SINGLE.  REPUBLICAN.  Yes, that includes women. 


ignoring me is really the best way to irritate me


"fat girls shouldn’t—"

—have to deal with your narrow minded bullshit.

The name is Kristin. I am 17 and forever alone. Single from the womb to the tomb baby. Please excuse my unhealthy obsessions with Justin Bieber and Parks & Recreation.

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